Moved Louder

Founding Members

Ashley Sabisch is a performing artist and dance educator based in San Francisco, CA. Her work and research are grounded in improvisation, somatic movement, contemporary dance, performance, and collaboration. After earning a BA in Dance at the University of California, Irvine, Ashley moved to New York City where she had the privilege of working with Mariangela Lopez, Julia Edwards, Zena Bibler, and with Caryn Heilman as a LiquidBody Dance Company member. Most recently she danced with Liz Roncka, the 1,000 Virtues Dance Company and with Moved Louder in the Boston area.

Katerine Gagnon is a dancer and performer dedicated to somatics, improvisation, and experimental dance, with a strong interest in the investigation of boundaries and intersections of artistic languages. Residing in Boston since 2009, she is a regular collaborator in Ensemble InÉdit (with artistic director Joe Burgio) and the initiator of the Open Space Project. Katerine holds a M.A. and a Ph.D. in French Literature from the University of Montreal and the University of Quebec in Montreal, respectively. She loves to dis/misplace her research on language, poetry and psychoanalysis in the dance studio. Katerine is grateful to be part of Moved Louder, which provides her with unique possibilities for investigations in extemporaneous composition and collaborative processes.

Michelle Huber grew up dancing around her home in western MA. She shook her little head of crazy curls anywhere she could, and fell in love with improvisation at an early age. While pursuing a degree at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, she had the opportunity to dance with Yvonne Rainer, Patti Bradshaw and Sura Hurtzberg, as well as explore somatic studies, contemporary dance, and danza folklórica while studying abroad in Havana, Cuba. She is certified as a teaching artist by the Community Word Project and strives to bring creativity and movement—in all of their forms—into the classroom. After working as a Spanish teacher for three years, Huber decided to take a big leap, move to Berlin and explore the dance scene in Europe. She participated in ConVERGE: an Interdisciplinary Artist Residency at Ponderosa Movement Discovery in Germany, as well as an Embodied Performance and Body Mind Centering training with the Body Cartographers. She is working on performance and leading workshops that use the body as a site for personal and global research.

Katherine Anderson discovered somatics, contemporary technique and dance theater at Oberlin College, where she earned a B.A. in Dance Choreography and Performance. In 2010 she co-founded In Noon Dance, a company of nine female artists in dance and related media. Two years later, she received the Green Street Emerging Artist Award and a subsequent grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts for a collaboration with the anti-corruption advocacy group Rootstrikers. Her project on strategic uses of public performance art in political movement building was selected for a 2014/2015 Network Fellowship at Harvard University's E.J. Safra Center for Ethics. With Moved Louder, Katherine practices compositional improvisation by drawing on elements from somatic studies, theater, ritual, and ensemble thinking to craft performed happenings, each with a life of its own.